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So... I've had my account on Dreamwidth for a couple of weeks now, but haven't gotten around to posting on here, introducing myself properly, or doing anything much yet. I blame the cold that lasted for quite a while, combined with all the assessment that came up over the past few weeks.

Anyway, so hi, anyone who reads this. I'm a student doing a dual degree in Science and Arts. My main interests generally all fit into philosophy, mathematics, societal issues, computer stuff, and music. I'm going to major in either maths or physics for the science half of the degree (I'm only in my first year, so still thinking about that), but I'll be majoring in philosophy for the arts part.

I've used LiveJournal before under a different account name, but I'm not notable or anything, and I feel like starting fresh here, so I'm not going to import any of my old stuff. Also, all my posts on LJ are from quite a long time ago, so they're rather outdated anyway.

I'm also really into music. At the moment, I'm really digging psytrance and ambient, but I'd like to be able to say my tastes are rather broad, and all that's really required for me to like something is for the artists to simply have talent.

I'm really, really excited to be on Dreamwidth. I've been following the progress of the site for quite a while, and I'm really glad it's gotten to where it has.

I'll also be posting a shorter intro to [community profile] dreamchasers, most likely.


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