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Birthdate:Aug 30
Location:Queensland, Australia
Feel free to subscribe to me if you think I'm interesting, and feel free to unsubscribe if you decide I'm not. If you subscribe, I'll probably subscribe back. :)

I haven't worked out what I'm going to do with locked posts, but most likely, I'm not going to be posting any. If I ever do decide to start posting locked posts I'll work out who I want on my access list then, but until then I'll only be subscribing to people. So basically, you're not actually missing anything by me not giving you access.

Anyway, hi.

I'm Nine. Obviously, that's not my real name, but whatever.

I'm a person with interests in mathematics, physics, philosophy, the social sciences, feminism, gender, and diversity. I'm a university student doing a dual degree in Science and Arts.

Dreamwidth makes me happy, and I love its Diversity Statement. =)

| 1. The cardinal number occurring after eight and before ten. Ordinal: ninth.
| * A cat has nine lives.
| 2. Describing a set or group with nine components.
(from Wiktionary)
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